Financial Services

Satient provides IT services with minimize upfront capital outlays to achieve significant business outcomes. Our approach combines deep business expertise and innovative technologies to support a full spectrum of IT managed services—from consulting and business process management.

We have experience in both Insurance and banking, financial domain. Whether you are considering a new compliance management, looking to develop a new level of customer experience, interested in IT transformation or looking out for a cost reduction, we can help.


Our government is operating in a rapidly-changing world. Shifting demographics, rapid urbanization, peoples’ demand are just a few of the long-term and systemic trends reshaping our government. With tight finance and vast requirements, our nearly highest populated country wants the best and growth stalling solution to play a better role.

Our Government & Public Sector practice aims to be the preferred partner in driving transformational change in the country. We do understand the current bottlenecks and trying to convince the best possible solution.

As digitization is the new key to government processes, we can provide you services that will have lasting impact. Our sub-sectors are
  • E-governance
  • Healthcare
  • Tax
  • Education
  • Employment etc

Health Care

Satient is a techno-provider of next-generation technology solutions serving public and private sector healthcare clients. Health organizations today are facing many challenges of rising costs, quality issue and rapidly evolving regulations that affect both public and private health delivery. Across all health sectors, technology is recognized as a powerful enabler of patient-centered care, smarter decisions and better outcomes.

Through our roster of experts, we offer services in the critical areas of population health management, healthcare analytics, patient support programs, member experience management, waste and abuse management, clinical development, manufacturing and plant automation, and sales and marketing.


Demand for sources of energy is a daily newsmaker in the energy industry. Price volatility, political and economic pressures, risk management practices, access to talent can be few to name out of many.

Our experience in Energy practice is here to help. We understand that oil and gas companies — whether in the exploration and production, gathering and transportation, refining and marketing or field services sectors — require service providers who are fluent in your business. Here we are to provide you a significant level of understanding and service and can help power your performance. We combine extensive industry expertise, proven solutions and end-to-end IT services to help organizations reach new levels of efficiency and profitability.


A highly competitive retail industry means retailers face unique challenges. As network marketing and e- commerce are soaring to a greater height, Retail and consumer businesses around the world uses crisp technologies to improve performance. We are there to create a new retail value paradigm across your multifaceted enterprise.

We help retail to adapt and innovate their business and stay competitive. Through technological transformation we offer your business a prominent growth. Our comprehensive services and solutions serve many areas such as analytics and business intelligence, mobile commerce, store systems, CRM, merchandise systems, E-commerce etc. We build, implement and manage complex retail systems.


Mining is back in focus primarily due to rapid rise in demand .It is due to lack of investments in the last decade in developing and exploring mines resulting in limited supply. Prices of metals are high giving profits to mining companies in the short term.

Satient has the vision to enable the mining and natural resources industry adopt a ‘ Digital Mining’ information strategy, which supports a dramatic improvement in mining efficiencies, and reliable production to overcome the challenges of fluctuating commodity prices, escalating costs, and diminishing shareholder return.

Our industry solutions will enable clients make this radical shift through our unique methodology for mining industry, which helps optimize the mining supply chain to increase asset and reserve utilization.

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