In any business, one of the most daunting phase of a technology transition is the time it takes your people to get comfortable with the new add-ons. Productivity can take a serious hit when employees abandon mission-critical objectives to "get to know" new equipment or solution.

We are ‘Tool-Builder’, innovator and service provider. We just don’t sell products and our services but we take up the herculean task of implementation as well. At Satient, we try to minimize that transition with proper IT systems implementation plan. Our engineers install, test and validate the changes, so that it will be ready to plug-and-play and your efficiency can be saved. It is our aim to offer implementation services to make sure that our clients’ workplaces are unaffected while deploying new infrastructure or software applications. We provide the most hassle-free product deployment one can ever dream of.

Application Development

Satient thoroughly takes care of its clients’ ever-rising demands in the segment of application development. With a strong team of experienced professionals single-mindedly devoted to Application Management. With our enriched experience of being catered to organizations of different sizes across different sectors, we put effort of providing best-in-class applications to our clients.

Satient offers customized software development services to clients to help bridge their business requirements not adequately met by pre-packaged software solutions. We work closely with clients to understand their business objectives, define their software requirements, and work interactively with clients to write specifications, test and integrate the custom software solution across the client’s systems and platforms including internet, cloud and disparate systems. By involving our experienced business analysts and subject matter experts; we design, architect, and develop solutions that enable client systems to function optimally.

Upgrade and Migration

With new platforms and technologies entering the market with each passing day, not being updated is a warning call for perishing. In such volatile environment, Satient proves to be your trusted partner in taking your business processes, software applications and products to a different platform.

Moving the databases, applications and in-use programs onto updated and advanced platforms is a common sight in IT industry. Satient makes the process of migration seem like an easy task. Establishing the convertible platforms across cross-functional work bases to migrate applications and databases has always been like a cup of tea. We believe in optimizing & effectuating the applications under migration since that’s the sole intention behind migration

Infrastructure Management and Support

Today’s business faces many constraints like customer’s demand, changing technologies, neck-to-neck competition, scarcity of resources etc but you need not have to bag all those worries as Satient is aware of the market demand and has the courage to live up to it’s customer by providing right kind of support Our team helps your IT department take advantage of new technologies to become a center of innovation and enable the changes. We offer technologies, processes, and people, clients need to transform their IT infrastructure, achieving efficiencies, cost savings and other strategic business outcomes. We create a dynamic, modern IT infrastructure environment that is efficient, and flexible.

Satient helps adhering to your standard process and offers support in project management, Design and implementation, hosting, remote performance monitoring, system administration, Patch Management and Software Distribution and security management.

Testing and QA

Our testing practice offers a comprehensive suite of software testing that spans across consulting, functional, automation, performance and specialized testing. We Offer various types of testing with a purpose of reducing the defects that impact business use of the application, provide a stable application in production and significantly improve the Quality.
Satient offers:
  • Unit testing, multi-unit and system testing
  • User acceptance testing (UAT)
  • Functional Testing
  • Performance (stress, load, stability, memory leak, bottle- neck, benchmark etc.) testing
  • User interface and usability testing, installation, configuration, security testing, product integration and regression testing.


  • Cloud Computing
  • Java
  • Android & IOS Mobile Applications
  • Data & Content Management
  • Microsoft Solutions
  • Open Source
  • Oracle

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